If you have problems or suggestions not addressed by this page, please e-mail support at wikipanion dot net. Also see the Tutorials page for information on how to use different features.
How do I move my bookmarks from Wikipanion to Wikipanion Plus?

Launch Wikipanion and visit the Bookmarks page. Then hit "edit" and in the upper right hand corner an export button should appear. Tap this and Wikipanion Plus should launch along with your imported Bookmarks. If the export button does not appear, try restarting your iPhone/iPod/iPad before following these steps.

How do I open up a page from Safari directly in Wikipanion?

Visit the bookmarklet page on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and follow the instructions there. Alternatively, you can use an web browsing application like iCab Mobile that supports the AppLink protocol.

Why is my interface in Japanese?

Due to an iPhone bug shipping on certain iPhones in various countries, the default language ordering is somewhat incorrect. There is an easy way to fix this though: first, go into the iPhone's Settings application and change the iPhone language to English. Then after the iPhone switches, go back to the iPhone's Settings application and change the language back to your preferred language. This will change the order that the languages appear in the iPhone's language list — the order that the languages appear affects the searching order for the language used for the interface.

If you would like to help localize Wikipanion into your native language, please e-mail me at the above address. I would love your help! Currently Wikipanion is already localized in German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, and Russian.

How do I change my font size?

Changing your font size while you work is easy. First of all, you will need bring up the current topic actions sheet. You do this by clicking the topic action button in the lower right hand corner on the toolbar. Note that if you are a Plus user, you will need to switch out of queue mode by toggling the queue button in the upper right hand corner — this will switch the queue button to the current page actions button.

Then you will be presented with the current topic actions sheet. Click "Adjust Font Size." The bottom toolbar will change to a font adjustment slider, which you can then slide back and forth interactively. As you adjust the slider you will be presented with a text size preview in order to help you choose the correct font size. Simply lift up your finger and the font size is applied. When you are ready to return to the standard toolbar, hit "Done."

How does custom language support work?

Wikipanion supports several modes of operations to suit your individual language browsing needs. The first thing you need to do is to go to the Setttings app and go to the 'Search Language' section. There you can set a default search language. This will be the default language that is used to search Wikipedia. You can also choose to enable current page language searching, which will enable simultaneous seaching in the language of the currently loaded page (simultaneous assuming default language searching is also turned on). You also have the option of enabling other languages, which will show up as alternative search languages when your search is being autocompleted — you can then easily requery your search in the other languages. The enabled languages also affects which languages show up in the related pages list, so that you are not innundated with other languages that you do not care about.
How do I get more search results?

Starting with Wikipanion 1.3, there are now two search modes. The basic search method tends to give less but better and higher quality results. These results are displayed as-you-type, so there is nothing special to do — simply stop typing and wait for the search results to appear. The comprehensive search appears when you hit enter or the search button and there is no exact match for your search terms. When this happens a longer search results list will appear displaying up to 100 different search results in a table.
I have a really great idea for Wikipanion, how do I suggest it?

I try to answer all of the Wikipanion e-mails sent to me. Please e-mail the above address with your suggestion, as I would love to hear from you.